A photo collage of an empty bedroom, a portrait of Starcity CEO Jon Dishotsky, and a refrigerator with a welcome card.
From top left (clockwise): An empty bedroom from a Starcity residence in San Francisco, CA; Starcity co-founder and CEO Jon Dishotsky; a welcome card for new residents at Starcity is shown on the communal refrigerator. Photography: Jason Henry

Yes, Adults Are Still Renting $2,000 Co-Living Dorm Rooms During the Pandemic

Nonresidents must wear masks, and some residents are staying in their rooms

Residents of these housing developments are now living in, and sometimes being confined to, cramped quarters with total strangers.

Starcity’s property at 1813 15th Street in San Francisco, California.

“Most of us felt like we could trust each other to be quarantined together, so we didn’t need to wear masks or stay far apart.”

Renderings at the Starcity office in San Francisco, California.

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