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Why You Need to ‘KonMari’ Your Nerd Life

Pare down your Star Wars and Batman collections — and free yourself from obsession

Rob Bricken
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5 min readJun 21, 2019


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EEven if your news feeds are limited to Marvel superhero news and Star Wars movies, chances are you’ve heard the name Marie Kondo. She’s the famous organization expert whose “KonMari” philosophy is simple but profound: Get rid of everything you own that doesn’t bring you joy. This is a lesson many nerds need to learn, because few people have more stuff — or need more help learning how to get rid of it.

This is where I come in.

Being a fan of something can mean obsession, and that obsession frequently takes the form of collecting. It certainly has for me. It’s a way to physically demonstrate our fandom of something, and it can take many forms. You may want every comic that stars a favorite character, every action figure from a certain toy line, every piece of ancillary media tied into a major motion picture franchise. And the more things you love (and the more you love these things) the more space it all takes up — not just in your home, but in your life, too.

Yes, there’s a genuine high when you finally get your hands on an item you’ve long been searching for, whether it’s a hard-to-find action figure, a long-forgotten comic book, whatever. There’s also a feeling of satisfaction when you complete your collection — a pride in the time and effort (and money) you’ve spent to successfully achieve a goal. This is happiness, but it is momentary and finite. Because after that, you just have a house full of Star Wars toys you don’t know what to do with.

Eventually, you may have more than you can display. Maybe it’s an extra box of old video games in the closet, or perhaps you have so many comics strewn across your house you can’t find your car keys, the bills you need to pay, or the cat. I’ve even seen some people pay for storage units specifically to house the merchandise they buy.

Collections can almost never be completed. You’ll purchase another edition of Luke Skywalker in X-Wing Pilot Gear every few years.



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