Why the Web Isn’t Working for Women and Girls

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee says we must all address this dangerous trend

Illustration: Simone Noronha
  • Provide better data: Companies and governments must tackle the data void around online violence by systematically recording and publishing data on what women experience online.
  • Embed ‘gender equality by design’: Governments and companies must create all products, policies, and services based on data and feedback from women of all backgrounds.
  • Build legal protections: Governments must develop laws that hold perpetrators of online gender-based violence to account, and resource law enforcement to respond and prosecute when those laws are violated.
  • Be active bystanders: We must all speak up when we see harms against women and girls online.

Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) w3.org, the place to agree on web standards. Founded webfoundation.org - let the web serve humanity

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