Photography: John Francis Peters

Bullhead City, Arizona Was a Retiree Paradise. Then Came a Biblical Plague of Flies.

Meet the small, greasy insects upending life in an idyllic community.

Caddisflies cluster together on a window at Denise Vallon’s home, Bullhead City, AZ.
Denise Vallon looks out at the Colorado River behind her home, Bullhead City, AZ.
The Colorado River and Bullhead City, AZ from the Laughlin, NV shore.
Left: Bullhead City’s mayor, Tom Brady. Right: Rusty Braun shows off a vial of “fish guts” which are said to contain Caddisfly larvae.
Davis Dam.
Denise Vallon on the shores of the Colorado River.
Denise Vallon’s neighbor uses a blowtorch to kill Caddisflies on the side of his home’s river deck, Bullhead City, AZ.
Tourists take a morning stroll along the Laughlin River Walk, Laughlin, NV.

Journalist based in Los Angeles. Working on a book about the coronavirus vaccine race.

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