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What YouTube’s Top Earners List Tells Us About the Platform

YouTube is aging into a mainstream media environment

Dude Perfect: “Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr.”

This week, Forbes released its 2022 “Highest Paid YouTube Stars” list and it’s far from surprising. Leading the list is my friend MrBeast, who earned over $50 million last year. The rest of the list mostly consists of white dudes and children who do toy reviews. The combined…

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Assignment #3 — Sports Social Media Branding

Spotify adds Stories, but is there any value to them?

It’s not really all that social here anymore.

You can have an opinion, you can write what you want, just not that.

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Jamie Cohen

Jamie Cohen

Digital culture expert and meme scholar. Cultural and Media Studies PhD. Internet studies educator: social good, civic engagement and digital literacies

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