Future Human

What Will We Look Like in 100 Years?

It’s good or bad, depending on who you ask

Ryan Hubbard
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4 min readJul 3, 2018
Illustration: Braulio Amado

SSometimes, an image can tell a better story than a pile of words. That’s why we asked some talented artists to participate in Medium’s latest monthly magazine, Future Human. The task: imagine what we’ll look like far in near-far future, and then send us a spec.

We asked them to consider a handful of questions:

1. How has the human body changed—due to climate change, evolution, our sex lives—in the past 100 years?

2. What do we do for a living now? What’s our work?

3. How has technology changed our bodies?

4. In the future, what will bring us joy?

5. How has our sense of style changed?

Their renderings are wonderful and wacky, and we’ll be publishing them each week in July, along with the artists’ musings on our questions.

Now, who’s got a time machine?

Braulio Amado

From Portugal, lives in New York City

Braulio described the future human using a future language:

Kelsey Wroten

From Kansas City, lives in Brooklyn



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