What Drives a Driverless Car?

How the tech inside Tesla’s and Waymo’s self-driving vehicles really works

Photo: Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images
Tesla Autopilot engaging in automatic emergency braking.
Six levels of driving automation. Image: Synopsys

Sensors, sensors, and more sensors

The Waymo way

Waymo’s vehicle sensors. Image: Waymo




Supplemental sensors

Waymo’s 360-degree experience: a fully self-driving journey.

The Tesla way

Sensors in Tesla’s cars. Image: Tesla
Tesla’s Autopilot in action.

The brain


Behavior prediction

Action planning

Waymo driverless taxi service in Arizona.


Vehicle to infrastructure (V2I)

Vehicle to vehicle (V2V)

Vehicle to people (V2P)

How far are we from a driverless future?

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