The iPhone Could Be Banned in Russia by 2020

A ‘Digital Iron Curtain’ is descending over part of the world

Aimee Pearcy


Credit: Sergei Savostyanov/Getty Images

RRussia’s State Duma just announced that starting next July, all electronics in Russia (including smartphones, computers, and smart TVs) will be required to come preinstalled with apps made by Russian tech firms.

According to Alexander Yushchenko, a Communist Party representative, one contender for preinstallation is Gosuslugi — the Russian government services app. However, a complete list of required apps is yet to be published.

The law does not state that non-Russian software must be banned on devices, just that such apps must be installed alongside Russian software. However, vendors who fail to comply with these rules will be fined in excess of $3,000, and could eventually be banned from the Russian marketplace if they commit repeat offenses.

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