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The Home of the Future Could Be Powered by Microbes

An ecological vision of architecture promises to provide electricity by integrating living systems into the walls of our homes

Illustration by Eva Cremers

InIn a secure laboratory in the southwest of England, a living wall stands before me, luminous and throbbing. I’m wearing a protective blue lab coat that’s too short on…

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Thomas McMullan

Thomas McMullan

Freelance writer | @BBCNews @guardian @frieze_magazine @SightSoundmag @wiredUK @TheTLS others | Also @GardensBritish | Rep’d by @harriet__moore | Novel coming

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Peat Moss May Be Good for Plants, but Gardeners Should Avoid It.

Peat moss is a good choice for this purpose, but there are other options available. Coco coir, perlite, and vermiculite are good choices for many gardening applications, but they’re not perfect. Gardeners should avoid using this material in hydroponic gardens. They also need to know about the potential environmental impacts of harvesting peat moss because these methods can have quite an extensive impact on our environment.