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YouTube is aging into a mainstream media environment

Dude Perfect: “Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr.”

This week, Forbes released its 2022 “Highest Paid YouTube Stars” list and it’s far from surprising. Leading the list is my friend MrBeast, who earned over $50 million last year. The rest of the list mostly consists of white dudes and children who do toy reviews. …

It’s important to be critical of the “creator economy” — even if you like the content

MrBeast’s “$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life!

One of the best things about viral content is that it creates incredible academic fodder to dissect, analyze and lecture on. MrBeast’s Squid Game parody video has generated nearly as much course material for me as KONY 2012. Last week, when I criticized MrBeast and his work in one of…

Here’s how scammers turn those ubiquitous, meaningless comments into profits

Photo: Leon Bublitz/Unsplash

My YouTube channel is extremely wholesome. I post helpful, friendly tutorial videos. I sign off, rather cheesily, with, “Happy writing!”

That’s why it’s so annoying when my videos get flooded with decidedly not-PG and nonsensical comments from what the YouTube community has dubbed “sex bots.”

If you’ve posted a YouTube…

Big Technology

The New York Times’ Kevin Roose and researcher Mark Ledwich join the Big Technology Podcast for a debate on whether YouTube actually radicalizes its users

Mark Ledwich and Kevin Roose

OneZero is partnering with the Big Technology Podcast from Alex Kantrowitz to bring readers exclusive access to interview transcripts — edited for length and clarity — with notable figures in and around the tech industry.

To subscribe to the podcast and hear the interview for yourself, you can check it…

Pattern Matching

And a few things they haven’t

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

In 2016, everyone from Russian agents to British political consultants to Macedonian teenagers to randos in the American suburbs used social platforms with impunity to spread misinformation ahead of the U.S. presidential election. Much of it favored Trump, who pulled off a stunning upset victory.

Just how much influence those…

Big Technology

People are joining fringe movements in search of meaning. It’s one thing to read about it, another to see it.

Screenshots: All Gas No Brakes YouTube

As he prepared to go hunting for Bigfoot, Andrew Callaghan picked up the phone.

It was just another day for the 23-year-old creator of the hit YouTube show All Gas No Brakes. For the past year, Callaghan’s been driving across the U.S. in an RV, periodically hopping out in an…

Pattern Matching

Facebook may follow YouTube, which made real changes in response to a 2017 advertiser rebellion — and emerged stronger than ever

Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Welcome back to Pattern Matching, OneZero’s weekly newsletter that puts the week’s most compelling tech stories in context.

What started as a call by civil rights groups last week for businesses to suspend advertising on Facebook and Instagram has snowballed into a legitimate crisis for the social media company. In…


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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