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Pandemic or no, virtual study abroad programs are here to stay

Photos: TravelCouples / Tetra Images / Chris Rogers / Getty Images

Research funded by the U.S. Navy could spell the end of bomb-sniffing dogs

Photo: Baran Lab via The Washington Post

The quest for total security has transformed airports into a playground for surveillance tech

Airports have a long track record as security tech…

How we browse the internet at 35,000 feet

Credit: Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd/Getty Images

Some scientists are serious about resurrecting zeppelins for low-carbon travel

Rendered image of a hybrid airship. Credit: Lockheed Martin.

While the rich traverse the globe in an instant, the rest of us will be staying put

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

Months after a pair of deadly crashes, a narrative has emerged putting the blame primarily on bad pilots. Don’t believe it.

TUI Airways Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane grounded at Tenerife South — Reina Sofia International Airport. Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

It’s fast — and expensive

Credit: Blade

Visa scams and tax evasion are common as locals struggle with a low minimum wage

Credit: Made Widhana/Getty Images

Welcome to the future we all chose, but that nobody seems to want

Credit: Greg Baker/Getty Images

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