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is leading an initiative to limit their power in journalism.

Photo by Huzaifa abedeen on Wikimedia Commons

Accurate sourcing in tech journalism is key for readers to know who to believe — and to fight the deep problem of misinformation flooding media outlets in the US.

On the 29th of March this year, Volkswagen of America published in its website a press release explaining it’d be changing…

Why create solutions ‘at scale’ if operating at scale is itself the main problem?

Photo by Sasha Charoensub, courtesy of Unfinished

We all want to do good. Well, a great many of us want to do good. We recognize that the climate is in peril, corporations are dangerously extractive, wealth disparity is at all-time highs, our kids are self-destructively addicted to social media, politics has descended into a reality TV show…

Facebook is waking up to what some of us knew all along

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Facebook’s head-slapping, obvious decision to press pause on the development of Instagram for Kids is not just the right move, it’s an important seeming admission that social media isn’t for everyone.

The announcement comes months after Facebook announced it was working on experiences specifically designed for Tweens (11–13). That bit…

Voice commands wouldn’t shock someone from the 1960s — so what technologies are we failing to imagine in 2021?

Pete Campbell, inventing Alexa

Earlier this week, I asked Alexa — the Amazon-designed voice-activated assistant, which is accessible via a worrying number of Echo devices in my house — to turn the radio on. I do this several times a day, but I’ve been watching Mad Men recently, and part of my brain has…

We are not the users of their network. We *are* the network.

Photo: Susan Q Yin/Unsplash

Before the Internet (yes, I’m that old) “going online” meant calling my friend Phil’s computer from my own. I’d put a phone handset (there were only what we now call “landlines” back then) into a special cradle with two rubber cups — one for the mouthpiece and another for the…

Moral panics over new technology always hide deeper problems we don’t want to deal with.

Illustration of people reaching towards a smartphone with a rainbow over the smartphone to represent LGBTQ youth.
Image courtesy of the author

What do bicycles and social media have in common? Soon after being adopted, each of these technologies brought on a tsunami of unjustified moral panic. Let’s start with bikes.

When bicycles burst onto the Victorian scene in the 1800s, they were a big deal. This cool contraption made it possible…

Ron worked in a biotechnology lab before becoming homeless six years ago. Photos by Talia Herman for OneZero

A group of ex-tech workers, gig employees, and locals priced out of the housing market are fighting for affordable housing in Silicon Valley

AtAt the corner of East Homestead and North Wolfe Road in Cupertino, California, stands a large oak tree planted by one of the most successful companies in history — Apple. The tree is a landmark at the entrance to Apple Park, the company’s $5 billion spaceship-of-a-campus, which surrounds a circular…

Gamblers flock to a new kind of online casino that’s open 24 hours a day

Caption: A Crash betting game on

“I’ve kind of developed a problem,” J.J. tells me over Discord voice chat.

In his early teens, his dad won $50,000 on a scratch-off lotto ticket, dramatically improving the family’s living situation almost overnight. “That helped us not be poor,” he said. But the windfall also colored his views of…


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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