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Microscopic organisms can extract precious metals from discarded devices

Photo: Johner Royalty-Free/Getty Images

Historically, meat consumption has driven violence, colonialism, and war. Will the stuff cultivated in a lab be any different?

Photo: Spencer Weiner/Getty Images

Potassium batteries are coming for the throne

Photo: Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images

Bret Kugelmass believes nuclear energy can regain popularity if we can make it profitable

Photo: picture alliance/Getty Images

Produce can be wrapped in biodegradable ‘Scoby’ sheets, then tossed or eaten

Photos courtesy of Rosa Janusz/MakeGrowLab

A controversy around old Sonos devices is a reminder that software updates can be a death sentence

Photo: Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

From fungi to spider silk, the hunt for sources of climate-friendly clothes and leather alternatives is getting creative

Credit: taviphoto/Getty Images

Our mobile world would be impossible without them, but the technology is flawed and battery tech is due for an upgrade

Credit: iStock/Getty Images

Ditching fossil fuels will take a lot more than “going green”

Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto/Getty

These tiny plants are nutritious, semi-delicious, and good for the planet

Credit: Toby Hudson (Wikimedia Commons)

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