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A deep dive into an overlooked innovation

Illustration: Amanda Berglund

I recently bought a pair of pants. This should be unremarkable, but pants shopping is such an absolute nightmare for most women that it is, for many of us, a significant life event. It’s an investment of money and often requires a significant investment of time, emotional energy, and space in the group chat in which the relentless relitigation of the value of a particular pair becomes the main topic of conversation for… too long.

Anyway, I bought these pants on Madewell’s website, which has a quiz you can take to determine your size in that particular item. The size…

Illustrations: Shira Inbar

Into the Valley

Matching pairs

This article is part of Into the Valley, a feature series from OneZero about Silicon Valley, the people who live there, and the technology they create.

The stereotype about fashion in Silicon Valley is that tech employees are schlubby beyond repair, dressed at all times in startup T-shirts and hoodies and jeans — that the Patagonia fleece vests beloved by venture capitalists are as close to a suit as you’ll find in the Bay Area. Tech workers are, allegedly, the most boring dressers on earth, unless they’re Jack Dorsey, in which case they occasionally look like high-fashion moon men.


Future Human

It’s good or bad, depending on who you ask

Illustration: Braulio Amado

Sometimes, an image can tell a better story than a pile of words. That’s why we asked some talented artists to participate in Medium’s latest monthly magazine, Future Human. The task: imagine what we’ll look like far in near-far future, and then send us a spec.

We asked them to consider a handful of questions:

1. How has the human body changed—due to climate change, evolution, our sex lives—in the past 100 years?

2. What do we do for a living now? What’s our work?

3. How has technology changed our bodies?

4. In the future, what will bring us…

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