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On his personal Medium blog, Homebrew partner Hunter Walk shares perspective for tech workers who worry about what it means to grow older in an industry that has a certain “incorrect (and sometimes illegal when it plays a role in hiring) age bias.”

“Let me tell you what does get better as time passes: the relationships, the accrued knowledge, your own self-awareness,” Walk offers.

The post reminds me of a story we published on OneZero last year, about “the planned obsolescence of old coders.” That story, written by A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, explores a similar theme: In an industry that…

Trash from biotech startups are citizen scientists’ treasure

Natoya Lee sees Bio-Link Depot as a way to help students from marginalized communities improve STEM education. Photography: Drew Costley

One Saturday in August 2018, Patrik D’haeseleer raced down to Silicon Valley with two other members of Counter Culture Labs, a community science lab and maker space in Oakland, California. D’haeseleer and other scientists around the Bay Area had heard that the controversial blood-testing company Theranos, once the unicorn biotech startup of the Valley, was liquidating its assets to pay off creditors. There was a rumor going around that local community laboratories and other nonprofits might be invited to help Theranos rid itself of its wares.

The rumor turned out to be true.

D’haeseleer and his companions pulled up to…

Old coders never die, they just become middle managers.

Illustration: Cathryn Virginia

Each year, 600 coders gather to talk shop at a conference in New York called PyGotham. The organizers know how male and white the tech industry is, so they make a special effort to recruit a diverse speaker lineup. They promote the event on mailing lists for women and people of color who code, and they run a workshop for women in tech to encourage them to submit talks. The organizers ask speakers to fill out a demographic survey so they can track the progress of the conference’s diversity.

I serve on the conference committee, and after PyGotham ended this…

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