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Sexual Assault

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To shield the privacy of marginalized communities, civil society must understand what they’re going through

Credit: Colin/Wikimedia Commons

We have the technology to make the experience better for survivors, so why haven’t we?

Illustration: Claire Merchlinsky

Products like the MeToo Kit generated a media firestorm, but founders say they can empower victims

A mockup of what the Me Too Kit could look like, according to a previous version of the company’s website. Credit: MeToo Kit

‘I benefited from the generosity of men who tolerated and, in effect, enabled unethical, immoral, and criminal men.’

Courtesy of danah boyd


‘We want to take dating and bring it back to being consensual, respectful fun.’

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash


There’s just one big problem

Photo: kolderal/Getty

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