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Why we can’t put your mind in the machine

Credit: Andrew Martin from Pixabay

The pathbreaking MIT professor on her new memoir, and the past, present, and future of our efforts to make technology feel human

Sherry Turkle, founder of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self. Photo: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Gary Arnold in Elkton, MD on January 29, 2021. Photography by Mengwen Cao for OneZero

To defend science, the Paranormal Challenge devises experiments to test claims of X-ray vision, telekinesis, and other paranormal abilities

Dr. Larry Farwell near Seattle, WA on December, 6, 2020. Photo: Brandon Hill for OneZero

30 years after it was first pioneered, the Brain Fingerprinting system is finally being put to the test

From ‘Parable of the Sower’ to ‘Sorry to Bother You,’ these works of visionary fiction will help you conceptualize and create a more just world

Photo illustration sources (Getty Images): FatCamera; Westend61; Atlantide Phototravel; Linnea Rheborg

Illustrations: Jonathan Djob Nkondo

This peerless short story by visionary fiction writer Octavia Butler examines the legacy — and future — of colonization and human bondage

Letter From the Editor

Debugger and Future Human serve readers thoughtful stories on the forces shaping our future

Brain surgery robots, neural Fitbits, and cyborg pigs

Photo: Joshua Lott/Stringer/Getty Images

Illustrations: Jinhwa Jang

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