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How foldable displays are made and what could be the next-gen form factor

Image courtesy of the author

Samsung wants to make foldable phone screens fashion. Apple, at least for now, doesn’t need to make a statement.

Photo: Kimberly White/Stringer/Getty Images

How ‘good enough’ became the mantra of tech design

Image courtesy of the author

Bad Ideas

A rundown of a no good, very bad year in tech ideas


Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active2 is the first smartwatch I’ve tried that compares to the Apple Watch

Photo: Owen Williams

Why you don’t care that its stainless-steel construction makes the phone heavier

Credit: Josh Edelson/Getty Images

While other tech companies fret over screen time, Samsung insists you’ll live in its new phone

Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is just the tip of the iceberg

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty

The Upgrade

With power sharing, novel fingerprint readers, more storage for less, and the promise of 5G, Samsung draws a mobile line in the sand

Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Photos by Lance Ulanoff)

Damn you, Galaxy Fold, don’t make me want you

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