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The world’s biggest pop culture convention has become its least enjoyable, but it doesn’t have to be

San Diego Comic-Con is a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone who’s excited about pop culture — which is just about everyone — should attend once. And that should be the last time. One visit is all you’ll need to realize that despite the stars, the festival, the crowds, and (to a much lesser extent) the comics, the event has gotten so big that it’s not just bloated — it’s broken.

But it doesn’t have to be. And it turns out that the way to fix a big and bloated pop culture mega-event is to make it even bigger.

To anyone who’s…

Nerd Processor

This golden age of nerd pop culture can be an exquisite torture for actual nerds

It’s very likely first among first world problems, but there’s just too much good entertainment out there. It’s an actual dilemma, especially for geeks. Because even though we’re living in a golden age of nerd entertainment, the likes of which we never could have dreamed about as kids and teens, all that beautiful content is stressing us out.

Even if you’re just an average consumer of entertainment, you might feel like it’s impossible to check out everything you might be interested in — to watch every popular movie and great TV show, hear every hit album, read every critically acclaimed…

Nerd Processor

The comic book legend’s work didn’t just shape pop culture. It changed lives, too.

When Stan Lee passed away Monday, the world lost a pop culture titan — a man who revolutionized his medium, but whose personal life turned to tragedy even as the comics and characters he created turned into billion-dollar franchises. There are plenty of wonderful pieces this week covering Lee’s entire life and career, and how, for a few years in the 1960s, he was a creative genius — a man arguably as ground-breaking and brilliant and important to comics as the Beatles were to music. But his importance stretches far beyond that. …

Nerd Processor

The most legitimate problem with the franchise is the one everyone’s forgotten

To say that nerds had problems with The Last Jedi is a vast understatement. Many lamented that the 2017 film was “inauthentic” Star Wars and, almost a year later, are still kvetching about how anything it portrayed outside the boundaries defined in the original trilogy is simply unacceptable. This is dumb for about a hundred reasons, but one of the biggest is that the original three Star Wars movies had the most epic, most awful blunder in the entire franchise: Luke and Leia kissing.

And this sums up the biggest problem with grown-up nerds.

I’m talking specifically about those fans…

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