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A Clubhouse charity drive raised more than $140,000 for Texans hit by disaster

Photo: SOPA Images/Getty Images

‘I’m concerned that Facebook could misinterpret what we’re about’

Image: NurPhoto/Getty Images

App stores and cloud hosting platforms want the right to ban content without the responsibility of moderation

Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Illustration: Patrik Mollwing

While Facebook and Twitter get the scrutiny, Nextdoor is reshaping politics one neighborhood at a time

Smaller services are coming under scrutiny now that the big platforms have warmed to aggressive moderation

Illustration: Matt Chase

Big Technology

‘There’s a difference between banning him completely and banning the algorithmic spread of his statements’

Ryan Mac

Metrics are key to how product teams at tech companies function

Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images

’Guaranteed not a hack’

Image: NurPhoto/Getty Images

The service is now shut down as it seeks a new hosting service

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

One mother asked whether a snakebite kit could be used to remove the vaccine from the body

Photo: Scott Eisen/Stringer/Getty Images

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