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The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.


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In a new piece on Debugger, OneZero’s consumer tech publication, our columnist Owen Williams writes about his decision to buy a GPS tracker that attaches to his dog’s collar: “Honestly, I felt silly buying a GPS tracker at first, given I’d have reservations about attaching it to a child if…

One owner reported their bored dog simply lays on top of all their buttons and ‘just starts mashing them’

Over the past year, Stella, a Catahoula and blue heeler mix, and Bunny, a sheepadoodle, have amassed viral fame for using an array of recordable buttons to “talk” to their owners. Each button corresponds to a word, and dogs like Bunny are trained to press them to communicate with their…

Desperate pet owners must either buy illegal medications or watch their cats die

A single glance at the foster kitten told veterinarian Jessica Thompson all she needed to know. Harper’s once-velvety gray coat was greasy and dull. She was still small — just five pounds — but her abdomen swelled like she had a baseball in her stomach. In the clinic, Thompson used…


And other perils of the digital age

A smart pet feeder is a great idea in theory: It can be controlled from your phone, making it simple to schedule feedings and giving you the ability to feed your cat or dog from anywhere in the world.

Except, it turns out, if the device manufacturer’s servers aren’t online…

I was expecting three heads, six toes, something like Frankenstein. But what I saw when I met four cloned mutts crooning for attention in a leafy Pasadena backyard was far more mundane. …

Notoriously shy and antisocial, pet hedgehogs have developed big followings online

Instagram fame came quickly for Anna Mathias and her pet hedgehog, Lionel. In 2015, Mathias was a college student in South Carolina when she started a dedicated handle for Lionel, who had started to take over her personal account. A month in, she posted a photo of Lionel curled into…

Just like their owners, cats and dogs are becoming more allergic to their environments

Belle was a wreck when Rhianna Mathias adopted the dog from a rescue organization in St. Louis a few years ago. The five-year-old pit bull had a range of health problems, with heartworms being the most serious. But allergies seemed to bring Belle the greatest misery. …


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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