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Mark Zuckerberg

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Internet Nostalgia

Sometimes the Internet isn’t all bad.

Well, perhaps virtual reality. But that’s about it.

Photo: Amy Osborne/AFP/Getty Images

The move is a reminder of social platforms’ power over online speech — and the inconsistency with which they wield it

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Big Technology

After months of anti-TikTok rhetoric, Facebook had second thoughts when its rival faced a ban

Photo: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

Pattern Matching

If Zuckerberg cares at all about the platform’s impact, he should stop outsourcing content moderation now

Photo: Graeme Jennings/Getty Images

It justified a status quo that favors Donald Trump

Credit: Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

A public beef with the social network helped Trump in 2016. Here’s how it will help her, too.

Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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