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Online accounts can be a way to help ease your grief

“Like most couples, we had a Netflix account together.” Screenshot: Netflix

Plus, a few tips on how you can help

Photo: Aitor Diago/Getty Images

Digital mental wellness surveys could be the future of school screening, but experts warn they could expose students’ private information

They place restrictions and limits on an identity that’s all about freedom

Credit: Tengku Bahar/Getty

Genderfluid users say the platform’s moderation system is discriminating against them

Photo by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash


Finding adequate health care can be a challenge for trans people. Telemedicine can help, but some trans medical needs still require an in-person visit.

Credit: Carol Yepes/Getty Images

A new study suggests there is no ‘gay gene’

Photo: MR.Cole_Photographer/Getty Images

A new lawsuit highlights a basic injustice in YouTube’s ‘ad-friendly’ policies

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

How video game character creators helped me explore my own queerness

The man with the gun who I failed to make pretty. His job is to pretend to not want violence, and then to do it.


Besides a still rampant porn bot problem, adult content on Tumblr is pretty much gone

Credit: Nasir Kachroo/NurPhoto/Getty

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