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Repairing devices is a key part of reducing their long-term environmental impact, but many consumers don’t know when to do it

A man repairing an open smartphone
A man repairing an open smartphone
Photo: Armin Weigel/picture alliance/Getty Images


Thinner isn’t always better for computers

Photo: T3 Magazine/Getty Images


The Surface Book 3 is a true powerhouse

Photos: Owen Williams

Entire industries, including consumer electronics, may be disrupted

Photo: Nikolay Tarashchenko/Unsplash

And you’ll buy it from a company like Verizon

Photo: © 2020 Lenovo

The engineers behind OLPC ignored the concerns of the very people it was meant to benefit

Photo by Tayler Smith. Prop Styling by Caroline Dorn


Like many Microsoft projects, the company was simply dreaming too early

Photos: © Microsoft

Why this ultra-light portable is a great choice for developers looking to switch away from the Mac

All photos courtesy of author

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