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Cash-strapped governments are turning to tech that converts cameras into automated license plate readers to penalize uninsured drivers

Photo: marcoventuriniautieri/Getty Images has rejected some legitimate claimants in addition to fraudsters

Illustration: Taylor Le

Government-mandated drone surveillance and location tracking apps could be here to stay

Photo illustration sources (Getty Images): Borislav; boonchai wedmakawand; Andrew Brookes; Peter Steuart; Dimitri Otis

Big Technology

The government is more likely to invest in the tech giants than break them up

The Digital Service Academy would compete with Stanford and MIT

Photos: Ungureanu Vadim/EyeEm/Boston Globe/Photofusion/Getty Images

Returning to the most successful Young Adult dystopia of the 21st Century in a time of unprecedented crisis

Photo illustration. Photos: Lionsgate Films

General Intelligence

The most important A.I. developments of the week

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty

From Twitter’s spies to complete shutdowns, repressive regimes are using A.I. and VPN fingerprinting to silence their critics

Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Cities across the United States are exploring online games as a way of engaging citizens. But being a citizen isn’t the same thing as being a gamer.

Credit: ComicSans/Getty Images

Clumsy decisions made by software are leading to calls for automation to be audited

Credit: simpson33/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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