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Facial Recognition

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How to opt out of tech that invades your privacy

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States still haven’t matched Illinois’ 2008 biometric privacy law

Photo illustration source: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Just by walking by it and briefly glancing at the screen, I likely gave the Temp Tablet all it needed to recognize me

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International regulators have found Clearview AI’s technology breaches their privacy laws

Illustration. Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

General Intelligence

People’s facial expressions line up with their emotions less than half the time

Photo illustration source: ozgurdonmaz/Getty Images

U.S. Customs and Border Protection scanned more than 23 million people in public places with facial recognition technology in 2020

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer instructs an international traveler to look into a camera as he uses facial recognition technology to screen a traveler entering the United States at Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images has rejected some legitimate claimants in addition to fraudsters

Illustration: Taylor Le


The algorithms also picked up on racial biases linking Black people to weapons

Photo illustration; Image source: 3DSculptor/Getty Images

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An interview with Dr. Petra Molnar, who spent 2020 investigating the use of drones, facial recognition, and lidar on refugees

Greek refugee camps are among the largest in Europe, and they are overpopulated, with scarce access to water, food, and basic necessities, and under constant surveillance. Photo: Manolis Lagoutaris/AFP/Getty Images

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