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AlphaStar learned from half a million human games, then played itself 120 million times to master its technique

Credit: Blizzard

Esports could soon outpace traditional sports, but here’s what needs to change before that can happen

Mosaad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary of Saudia Arabia and Stefano ‘Pinna’ Pinna of Belgium during the Grand Final match at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. Photo: Ben Hoskins/FIFA/Getty Images

How plans to turn a classic game into the next big esport

Illustration: Victor Moatti

‘If you want to get more women in the door, offer them $100,000 instead of $50,000’

Illustration: Lauryn Siegel

On the red carpet or the esports arena, the next generation of celebrities could be artificial

Illustration: Blake Kathryn

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