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I still work in tech, but I’ll never go back to the Valley

A photo of a Google bike parked on a grassy lawn.
A photo of a Google bike parked on a grassy lawn.
Photo: digidreamgrafix/Getty Images

Voter registration, thoughtful regulation, replaceable batteries, and more — here are the solutions for a better tomorrow, today

Photo: Tayler Smith. Prop Styling: Caroline Dorn

Leslie Miley, Former CTO, Obama Foundation

Jessica Powell, Former Google VP and Author of The Big Disruption

A more diverse approving body and a more transparent and inclusive approval process could lead to emojis that better reflect society as it is

Illustration: Eva Cremers

Yes, women are less interested in tech, and that’s why we need diversity more than ever

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

The New New

Each year brings new additions outdated tech can barely support

Credit: Eoneren/E+/Getty

The New New

Most social robots today are white, feminine, and subservient. But a few are bucking the trend.

Photo: Donald Iain Smith/Getty

Lessons I learned from two summers at Hacker Summer Camp

Photos courtesy of the author.

Beyond social justice, experts call it a business liability

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images Plus

I feel myself becoming part of the machine

Credit: shoushu/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty

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