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Your audience doesn’t mind if you’re fake

Screenshot taken from @azusagakuyuki’s Twitter account

General Intelligence

These dangerous technologies are still in their infancy, and they’ll continue to become more accurate and convincing

Photo illustration source: Westend61/Getty Images

TikTok and Snap are experimenting with deepfake-style filters

Image: Snap

It’s better than nothing — but just barely

Photo: Tayler Smith. Prop styling: Caroline Dorn.


Erotic deepfakes are only going to make the question of sexual ethics muddier and more confusing

Credit: Yagi Studio/Getty Images

A team of scientists used A.I. to create a convincing facsimile of a historical speech that never happened, and put the threat of fake information front and center

Credit: Halsey Burgund/YouTube

While the state’s new laws on bots and deepfakes have their flaws, they represent a vital first step to curbing dangerous new technology

Credit: Alexandra Robinson/Getty Images

By systematically distorting the images we see and create, A.I. is shifting perceptions and ultimately changing our relationship with the physical world

Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images

An A.I. policy expert on the desperate need for a new law that will seek to protect Americans from manipulated video

Deepfake Mark Zuckerberg. Credit: Bill Posters on Instagram

Too real, maybe

Credit: Liyao Xie/Getty Images

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