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Data Privacy

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How to opt out of tech that invades your privacy

Photo: Khosrork/Getty Images

Hours after a baby is born, its internet presence begins — no matter what we try to do to stop it

Photo: Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

The New York Times fails in its attempt to report on the surveillance economy

Photo: Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Trackers piggybacking on website tools leave some site operators in the dark about who is watching or what marketers do with the data

Image: artJazz/Getty Images

Protecting our personal info is a lifestyle choice many of us aren’t making

Image: peterhowell/Getty Images

Police requests for Google data that pinpoints anyone near the scene of a crime increased by more than 500% last year

Photo illustration. Photos (Getty Images): Yuri_Arcurs; Mariya Ladygina

It’s illuminating — and a bit terrifying

Photo: Filiberto Santillán/Unsplash

No one knows. And it might be time to stop asking.

Illustration: Timo Lenzen

Any conversation about privacy has to acknowledge that we are alone and powerless

Adult entertainment workers count on social media to connect with fans, but the platform’s opaque rules leave them vulnerable to impersonators

Photo: Peter Dazeley/Getty

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