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Down the rabbit hole: my brief odyssey into the esoteric world of the tight-knit time zone data maintenance community who quietly keep the world’s computers from avoiding DST-related-meltdowns

I run a small YouTube channel.

And now and again, I record short videos documenting how to “do” certain things using Linux.

I make them as much for myself as for my 300-odd subscribers.

Because Linux, or rather doing things with it, tends to … you know … be quite…

The company is offering free COBOL training and a forum for COBOL engineers

As millions file for unemployment benefits in the United States every week, states’ aging computer systems simply cannot keep up.

States like New Jersey and Connecticut have said they are desperate for programmers who are still familiar with COBOL, a programming language that debuted in 1960 and is still used…

A computer science professor explains the evolution of coding careers

MMost of the people I know are software engineers or computer scientists of one form or another. Most of them are very experienced and come from a time when to be either of those things required a very serious computer science education. This is still the case for being a…

Carlos Martinez Baldenegro graduated top of his class in computer science yet suffered years of recruitment discrimination in the tech industry. Now he may be forced to leave the United States.

CCarlos Martinez Baldenegro was speeding south toward the Mexican border. It was August 7, 2019, and his 84-year-old grandmother had suffered a heart scare in Cananea in the Mexican border state of Sonora. He had dropped everything to head to Mexico so that he could see her before she died…

Mira is retiring to make room for the fastest supercomputer in the country — but first, it’s finishing its biggest project yet

WWhat will soon be America’s fastest supercomputer is expected to log online in 2021. Named Aurora, it will be capable of a quintillion (a billion billion) calculations per second, making it about 50 times swifter than today’s most powerful computers and fast enough to start mapping the human brain’s one…

Future Human

This software engineer let an algorithm pick where he lives, what he does—even what tattoo to get. Is he onto something?

MMax Hawkins will be getting his first tattoo in a few days, and the panic’s setting in. Not because it’s a permanent choice — although it certainly is. And not because of the pain — he thinks that’ll be manageable enough. …

A pioneer in the study of complex systems tells the origin story of one of the most famous intellectual institutes in the world

TThe first workshop to define what is now the Santa Fe Institute took place on October 5–6, 1984. I was recently asked to give some reminiscences of the event, for republication of a collection of papers derived from this and subsequent workshops.

It was a slightly dark room, decorated with…

A response from the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code

AAlmost a year ago, 60 Minutes producers contacted Girls Who Code. The news show was working on a segment about girls and computer science and wanted to better understand what initiatives to close the gender gap in tech were proving effective.

Sunday, that segment was broadcast to the show’s weekly…

The future of computing is analog

The history of computing can be divided into an Old Testament and a New Testament: before and after electronic digital computers and the codes they spawned proliferated across the earth. The Old Testament prophets, who delivered the underlying logic, included Thomas Hobbes and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The New Testament prophets…


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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