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A simple gesture allows survivors to seek help without leaving a digital trail

Photo: Bill Hinton/Moment Mobile/Getty Images


They have a lot of haters, but don’t write them off

Photo illustration, sources: Peter Cade/Flashpop/Sharleen Chao/Getty Images

Designing humility and forgiveness into social media products

Photo by Tayler Smith. Prop Styling by Caroline Dorn


People weren’t made for the era of remote work

Photo: Austin Distel/Unsplash

It needs to reach a different type of customer. A timely redesign might help.

The Slack logo on a purple gradient background.
The Slack logo on a purple gradient background.

Here’s how I’ve learned to cope — and even find joy — while working remotely for the past year

Photo by Tayler Smith; Prop Styling by Caroline Dorn

Here’s how the most popular new addition to the Unicode was conceived. Its origin has nothing to do with fisting.

Illustration: Tessa Modi

An A.I. expert surveys the state of machine communication, from Stu-Bot to OpenAI’s controversial predictive text generator

Illustration: Simoul Alva

Online services demand easily classified content. Users have obliged.

Illustration: Lepusinensis/iStock/Getty

“Since you are tongue-tied and so loath to speak,
In dumb significants proclaim your thoughts.” —Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 1

“I feel so bad for the millennials. God, they just had their universe handed to them in hashtags.” —Ottessa Moshfegh


A 24-year-old MIT student has developed wearable tech he can control with his mind. The question is what we’ll do with it.

Photo: Lorrie Lejeune/MIT

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