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And you’ll buy it from a company like Verizon

Photo: © 2020 Lenovo

Companies like Cyberlink and ZeroKey proudly showcased products that could track people and objects

Photo: David Becker / Stringer/Getty Images

Yes, a lot of it was ridiculous. But a handful of tech trends seem like legitimately good news.

Photo: VW Pics/Getty Images

The Upgrade

Who won? It depends on how you look at it.

You could not escape “Hey Google” at CES 2019.

The Upgrade

Welcome to the off year

All photos: Lance Ulanoff.

CES 2019 is like an entertaining Broadway musical that lacks a hit song.

The Upgrade

At CES, car companies are showcasing new designs that will fundamentally alter the automotive experience

Toyota’s Dr. Gill Pratt explains Toyota Guardian system. All photos: Lance Ulanoff

Car companies and their partners are imagining car intelligence that…

The Upgrade

Ignore the noise

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty

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