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The Neoclassical painting “The Death of Socrates”
The Neoclassical painting “The Death of Socrates”
‘The Death of Socrates’ by Jacques Louis David (1787). Courtesy of The Met.

A perfect demonstration of why mass adoption is a while away

Photo: John Phillips/Stringer/Getty Images

Credit: Eduard Muzhevskyi/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The first two eras of the internet

Conventional currency will one day be regarded as an ancient religion we outgrew

Photo by Nikita Andreev on Unsplash

Billions of dollars in promised funding is failing to reach the world’s poorest countries — but technologists have a fix in mind

Credit: Jolygon/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The New New

As marijuana becomes legal across the U.S., small growers will need to innovate to survive

Illustration: Daniel Barreto

Students in developing countries and refugees fleeing violence need reliable proof of their identity — and the blockchain might just work

Credit: Sumy Sadurni/Getty Images

Trust Issues

Amid vote-hacking fears, election officials are jumping on the crypto bandwagon — but cybersecurity experts are sounding an alarm

“It’s funny because most people don’t know too much…

Trust Issues

To solve our crisis of trust, we must create a system where none is required

Illustration by Jessica Siao

Blockchain technology explained in simple words

Credit: Ani_Ka/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty
  1. We can trust each other. Rainy or sunny, the loser will give $50 to the winner. If we are friends, this could be a good way of managing it. However, friends or strangers, one can easily not pay the other.
  2. We can turn the…

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