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Facebook, Spotify, and Apple are all prioritizing podcasts. What’s behind the recent emphasis?

Jason Rosewell / Unsplash

Whether you call it a Facebook PR scheme or the Supreme Court for social media, the Facebook Oversight Board is moving beyond its initial remit. Now things get interesting.

The conventional wisdom is Apple’s limits on third-party tracking will damage Facebook’s ad business. But whether it actually does is far from certain.

After watching Amazon, Facebook, and Google get hammered by critics — and encouraging it when convenient — Apple gets its turn under the bright lights

SOPA Images via Getty Images

Big Technology

Some call it a scam. Others say it’s the best available option. Either way, the Facebook Oversight Board is about to decide whether Trump can use Facebook.

Hakan Nural/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Big Technology

Elaine Kwon

Big Technology

The two join Big Technology to discuss tech criticism, Cambridge Analytica, and how Facebook can begin to right its wrongs

Carole Cadwalladr and Yael Eisenstat


‘The main thing is you just never underestimate Amazon’

Photo: Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images

Big Technology

‘Maybe we’re having a bust right now, but it’ll boom again’

Mat Honan

Big Technology

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are paying third parties millions to make their case. Sometimes we know about the money, sometimes we don’t.

The New York State Capitol building. Photo: Matthew Cavanaugh/Stringer/Getty Images

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