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‘Bias audits’ for discriminatory tools are a promising idea, but current approaches leave much to be desired

Image: LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

OpenAI disclosed the problem on GitHub — but released GPT-3 anyway

OpenAI company text logo
OpenAI company text logo

The data set’s ripple effects are immeasurable

Photo illustration. Source: Tetiana Lazunova/Getty Images


The ‘world’s first’ algorithm charter is meant to inform citizens and fight against systemic issues in A.I.

Photo illustration. Photo sources: KTSDesign/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Illustration: Erik Carter

In wake of Banjo CEO revelations, bias in A.I. comes under new scrutiny

Trying to “fix” A.I. distracts from the more urgent questions about the technology

Image courtesy of Gary Zamchick, strategic designer in residence at Cornell Tech.

And five ways to outsmart your own mental biases

Credit: Westend61/Getty

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