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Casting during this time may be affected by how YouTube- and Instagram-literate models are

llustration: Amanda Berglund

In Microprocessing, columnist Angela Lashbrook aims to improve your relationship with technology every week. Microprocessing goes deep on the little things that define your online life today to give you a better tomorrow.

While much of the world has ground to a halt under stay-at-home orders, for many people in the fashion and entertainment businesses, the show must go on. Actors and other celebrities must promote their movies, television shows, and image, while fashion and makeup brands are still rolling out new products. …

But the eye doesn’t necessarily gaze at what is beautiful

It may not be immediately clear why plastic surgeons in Poland needed eye-tracking software to create better female breasts, as a study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery described this week. You don’t need technology to tell you that women’s breasts get a lot of attention all on their own. Earlier this year, when gamers took part in the video game streaming network Twitch’s controversial Eye Tracking Challenge, which dared participants not to look at a woman’s cleavage, the joke was that participants knew they would fail.

But the new study is less about whether people stare at breasts…

The unproven gene therapy aims to lengthen a person’s telomeres

An elderly woman’s hands with IVs and hospital bracelets.
Photo: cstar55/E+/Getty Images

Would you pay $1 million and fly to South America for a chance to live longer?

Libella Gene Therapeutics, a Kansas-based company that says it is developing a gene therapy that can reverse aging by up to 20 years, is hoping your answer is yes. In an interview with OneZero, the company says it is ready to give an experimental anti-aging therapy to older people at a clinic north of Bogota, Colombia. But that’s not all — it’s also charging people $1 million to participate. …

Will algorithms destroy the cultural diversity of what qualifies as pretty?

Illustration: Evan Weselmann

By late 2017, I’d reported on so many cosmetic surgery stories that I started wondering if I should get something done myself. But how to decide? Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t pinpoint what procedure would make me look better. So I turned to the now defunct startup Analyze My Face for advice. The startup asked me to take hi-res images of my face using my DSLR, and then uses that picture to consult with dental and cosmetic surgeons to create a mockup of the “best” face for me; apparently I could use fillers due to poor chin projection and…


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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