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TRUTH Social’s Terms of Service want you to sign away your rights to trash-talk and sue

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

I don’t care about Former President Donald J. Trump’s new social media platform TRUTH Social. It’s built on a false premise: that you can build a social media network and people will come.

Some will, especially like-minded Trump fans, but most will not, meaning TRUTH Social won’t be any more…

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp went down — and we survived

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

What a day it was. Starting around noon on Monday, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went offline. These ultra-popular social networks and communication platforms didn't just sputter, they essentially disappeared.

It was a calamity for Facebook (which owns all three services) and its investors, but a rare opportunity for the…

Facebook is waking up to what some of us knew all along

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Facebook’s head-slapping, obvious decision to press pause on the development of Instagram for Kids is not just the right move, it’s an important seeming admission that social media isn’t for everyone.

The announcement comes months after Facebook announced it was working on experiences specifically designed for Tweens (11–13). That bit…

Facebook’s old whitelisting system created an unbalanced, tiered system of moderation

Photo by on Unsplash

Social media is where the world comes together, where everyone from the Pope to the grocery store clerk, and the megawatt pop-star to the Uber driver can share their thoughts equally.

Except nothing is equal. The status we have in real life (IRL) carries through to our digital ones. And…

A new Netflix series is suffused with slightly off-kilter technology and some interesting, if not always relevant, ideas

Screenshot from Netflix

For Clickbait, most of the thin but enjoyable new Netflix series plot hinges on a seems-possible interpretation of 21st-century technology, social media, and digitally influenced psychology.

It probably shouldn’t work as an 8-episode limited series and yet, somehow, the Zoe Kazan- Adrian Grenier starrer does. Without giving away too much…

Boston Dynamics Atlas is blowing people's minds — again

Atlas takes a giant leap (Credit: Boston Dynamics)

A pair of humanoid robots run, leap over obstacles, dash across an incline, backflip, and pat themselves on the back.

“They are fake,” insists one viewer on TikTok.

“It’s CGI,” he adds.

I’d posted a brief clip of Boston Dynamic’s Atlas robots’ latest demonstration of speed and agility on the…

Your security is more valuable than a little social media entertainment

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

When my wife [NAME REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS] and I log into our bank account [NAME NOT SHARED FOR SECURITY REASONS] we’re often confronted with a series of “Security Questions,” basically privacy hurdles we have to jump to access our accounts from a different phone or computer.

It’s funny how…

As former Amazon CEO and current daring billionaire Jeff Bezos blasted off into space, people had questions.

Blue Origin New Shepard lifts off on its 12th mission on December 11, 2019. (Credit: Blue Origin)

We’re all talking about space again thanks to back-to-back, crewed, edge-of-space flights by two disparate space crafts.

Standing amid of group of people glued to a TV screen, I listened as they all commented on Blue Origin’s impending New Shepard launch on Tuesday.

“Why can’t we see inside?”

“Who’s flying?”


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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