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Amazon Prime Air in the UK is stumbling and we’re still waiting for the U.S. version to lift off

Look up in the sky, it’s Prime Air (Credit: Amazon)

The other day I ordered some new batteries for my Sony A600 digital camera. I put in the order on Amazon mid-day and, roughly 24 hours later, I was charging up my new camera batteries. Could an Amazon Prime Air drone have gotten them to me faster? Sure, if Amazon…

New research suggests that senior executive performance would benefit from the same sort of monitoring increasingly applied to blue-collar workers

Photo by Parker Coffman on Unsplash

Amazon has been experimenting with putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled video cameras inside of its delivery vehicles to watch the drivers and provide them with feedback on their driving. In fulfillment centers, employees’ activities are closely monitored. They’re only allowed a certain number of bathroom breaks (so workers sometimes resort…

The Indian government’s proposed rules would drastically change e-commerce by restricting flash sales, private label goods, and other anticompetitive practices

NurPhoto / Getty Images

I previously wrote in length about how Amazon and Flipkart are skirting India’s e-commerce laws by engaging in predatory pricing and hurting offline retailers and small sellers on their platform in the process.

My main argument in that piece was that Amazon and Flipkart repeatedly find their way around India’s…

Big Technology

Amazon delivery drivers and liberal city dwellers vote together. But for how long?

In his new book, Fulfillment, Alec MacGillis writes of an Amazon distribution center in Sparrows Point, Maryland that sits on land once occupied by a Bethlehem Steel plant. The story underscores how dramatically the U.S. economy has transformed in recent years. Instead of making things, many of our biggest companies…


‘The main thing is you just never underestimate Amazon’

Photo: Ina Fassbender/AFP/Getty Images

Last week, Amazon announced it would expand Amazon Care — its employee-only health care service — to the public. The service lets you chat with nurses, move to video, arrange home visits, and get medication prescribed. Amazon delivers the medicine.

The company began piloting Care internally in September 2019, and…

‘Alexa, Call Mom!’ watches, listens, and exploits your grief for capitalistic gain

The author sits in the dark behind the Amazon Echo, which is surrounded by lit candles in a seance-style set up.
Photo courtesy of Nouf Aljowaysir

I live in the curious intersection of art, design, and code. For the past two years, I’ve worked with a small group of artists to develop Alexa, Call Mom!, an immersive storytelling installation using Amazon’s Alexa platform. Our project is far from the type of third-party apps you typically see…

General Intelligence

Andy Jassy is a member of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

Andy Jassy at WSJ.D on October 25, 2016. Photo source: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

On July 1, Amazon will have a new CEO. Andy Jassy, who is replacing Jeff Bezos, helped build the company’s cloud business from scratch, cementing its servers as a cornerstone of the internet.

But not all of Jassy’s work has been inside Amazon. The incoming CEO is also a commissioner…


The undercurrents of the future. A publication from Medium about technology and people.

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