Speaking Truth to Power: Reflections on My Career at Microsoft

Former Microsoft engineer James Whittaker talks about how CEO Satya Nadella can fix the deeply flawed company

An image of the Microsoft logo.
Photo: SOPA Image/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of the author.

Draw any Microsoftie into a discussion about terrible managers and you better hope you have some time on your hands.

It’s hard to move past a shameful era with its icons providing cover for its continued practice.

Leaders should reflect the ideals and values of those below them rather than those above them. Promoting those leaders is the fastest way to fix a company’s broken culture.

Microsoft clearly understands it has a problem. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be fighting such a public fight to reinvent itself.

xFBI, xGOOG, xMSFT, speaker, writer, career guru. Chaotic good.

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