Illustration: Patrik Mollwing

Nextdoor Is Quietly Replacing the Small-Town Paper

While Facebook and Twitter get the scrutiny, Nextdoor is reshaping politics one neighborhood at a time

“Anecdotally, Nextdoor has gone from being kind of sub-Facebook to actually being the main platform you hear people discussing as a vector for local news and events and discussions.”

A pop-up on the Nextdoor app reminds users not to discuss national politics in the main feed, but local politics are fair game. Screenshot courtesy of Nextdoor

“You get the sense that people enjoy and find the site’s value in the work of policing other people.”

Screenshots show a November 13 Nextdoor post from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announcing a new stay-at-home advisory due to Covid-19 (left), and some of the most popular responses from local Nextdoor users (right).

“If you’re talking about hyperlocal and you’re not thinking about Nextdoor, there’s a real missed opportunity there.”

“We can call and call and call and they don’t bother to call back.”

Senior Writer, OneZero, at Medium