Everyone Can Learn From How Marginalized Communities Use Social Media

Why I think social media can be good for your mental health if you curate your communities

A side view of a non-binary African American person using their smartphone.
Photo: Bobby Coutu/E+/Getty Images

The studies say social media is often a net negative

Far more Black social media users say these sites are useful in finding those with ideological similarities.

Members of marginalized groups experience social media differently because we use it differently

The marginalized communities in which I participate interact with social media differently from many other folks.

Queer communities often use social media to share the proud moments they want all their queer folks to share and the difficult moments that require support

Differently abled communities use social media to find themselves in the world

Dislocated communities use social media for education and exploration

How can this type of social media use be generalized outside such specific communities?

I’ve seen the same overconnectedness and excess sharing that create net-negative social media effects for some communities build positive, supportive spaces for other communities.

Use the built-in curation tools

Be clear with yourself about why you’re on social media

Be the positivity you want to see, and take chances

Speculative fiction and Afrofuturist writer. Software engineer. US-based; globally oriented. I think and write about building new worlds.

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