Illustrations: Shira Inbar

Into the Valley

A week-long journey through the heart of tech

Dear reader,

Technology stories are never just about gadgets, social networks, or artificial intelligence. Fundamentally, they’re about people working to create a new future — one that’s shaped by their own perspectives and the world around them.

In OneZero‘s new feature series, Into the Valley, we’re taking you inside the heart and soul of the American tech industry: Silicon Valley. This small corner of the United States, a geographic space roughly stretching from San Francisco to San Jose, impacts how billions of people work, relax, and communicate across the planet today. These stories will explore what Silicon Valley represents in 2020, without embellishment or exaggeration. They’re narratives about real people in a real place. If you’re reading this, your life has in some way been shaped by this culture.

Today, we present you with an exclusive report about H-1B workers pulled from all over the globe to work for companies like Facebook and Apple. And we profile five labor leaders who are working to reshape the status quo at Uber, Google, and other titans of the tech industry.

In the days to come, we’ll explore the Valley’s housing crunch and transportation crisis. We’ll take you on an elite bike ride for venture capitalists, talk to Uncanny Valley author Anna Wiener, and — yes — we’ll try to make heads or tails of the startup shoe obsession. (Common Projects: hot or not?)

Thank you for going on this journey with us.

Damon Beres

Editor in Chief, OneZero

Co-Founder and Former Editor in Chief, OneZero at Medium

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