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Inside the Social Media Cult That Convinces Young People to Give Up Everything

The DayLife Army always seemed like a troll. Then it became a nightmare.

It started with a tweet. In the fall of 2013, Matthew had recently turned 18 and was just finishing up his first semester at a college in Chicago. A freshman music business student with a happy-go-lucky laugh and…




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Emilie Friedlander and Joy Crane

Emilie Friedlander and Joy Crane

Emilie is a freelance journalist and editor who reports on culture and the internet. Joy is a freelance journalist focused on science, technology, and society.

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I am a Ukrainian who has been evacuated from Chernihiv Oblast to Poland. This is how I feel now.

This is my family. I have been evacuated together with my mum. My dad and brother stayed in Ukraine to defend.

As a Human in the 21st century , I am Scared today.