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“If you don’t have unions in the tech industry, what does that mean for our country?”

Google engineers and other workers at the company announced on Monday that they’ve formed a minority union. The Alphabet Workers Union represents more than 225 workers out of 260,000-plus at the company, the New York Times reported.

“There are those who would want you to believe that organizing in the tech industry is completely impossible… If you don’t have unions in the tech industry, what does that mean for our country?” Sara Steffens, secretary-treasurer of the Communications Workers of America, the larger union that Google’s will be affiliated with, told the Times.

The Alphabet Workers Union will be able to include contractors—a huge portion of the workforce at Google and in tech more generally. Last year, OneZero’s Sarah Kessler reported on union-busting efforts in the tech industry that specifically cited solidarity between employees and independent contractors as a growing concern.

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