Illustrations: Shira Inbar

The net of a thousand lies

Digital rights activism, a quarter-century on

Tech exceptionalism, then and now

Don’t believe the hype

What is persuasion?

The impact of dominance far exceeds the impact of manipulation and should be central to our analysis and any remedies we seek.

1. Segmenting

2. Deception

3. Domination

4. Bypassing our rational faculties

If data is the new oil, then surveillance capitalism’s engine has a leak

What is Facebook?

Big Tech is able to practice surveillance not just because it is tech but because it is big.

Monopoly and the right to the future tense

Search order and the right to the future tense

Monopolists can afford sleeping pills for watchdogs

While surveillance doesn’t cause monopolies, monopolies certainly abet surveillance.

Privacy and monopoly

Ronald Reagan, pioneer of tech monopolism

Steering with the windshield wipers

Surveillance still matters

Dignity and sanctuary

Afflicting the afflicted

Any data you collect and retain will eventually leak

Critical tech exceptionalism is still tech exceptionalism

How monopolies, not mind control, drive surveillance capitalism: The Snapchat story

A monopoly over your friends

The hard problem of our species is coordination.

Fake news is an epistemological crisis

Tech is different

Ownership of facts

Persuasion works… slowly

Paying won’t help

An “ecology” moment for trustbusting

Make Big Tech small again

A future U.S. president could simply direct their attorney general to enforce the law as it was written.

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