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How Human Collapse Could Really Happen

Between climate change and more, we could be sleepwalking into annihilation

Asteroids, supervolcanoes, nuclear war, climate change, engineered viruses, artificial intelligence, and even aliens — the end may be closer than you think. For the next two weeks, OneZero will be featuring essays drawn from editor




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Trees could help us with the climate and biodiversity crises, if we let them

Trees branches spread out overhead. Image is overlaid by the text Leeds at COP26 in the corner.

Bayer Set to Expand Carbon Farming Program in the US

Bayer Set to Expand Carbon Farming Program in the US

Tom Steyer, Advocate for Climate Action, Civil Rights, and Political Reform, visits the Center for…

World Environment Day: Let’s protect Nature

Why aren’t we mining landfills for valuable materials like metals and soil?

Growing seeds of food system transformation

Figure 1. Workshop group imagining the mature condition of a seed (Step 2).

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Phil Torres

Phil Torres

I study all things human extinction: its nature and causes, its ethical implications, & the history of the idea. Philosopher, but MS in Neuroscience.

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