Gary Arnold in Elkton, MD on January 29, 2021. Photography by Mengwen Cao for OneZero

Hex Factor: Inside the Group Offering $250,000 for Proof of Superpowers

To defend science, the Paranormal Challenge devises experiments to test claims of X-ray vision, telekinesis, and other paranormal abilities

Source: Chapman Fear Survey
Gary Arnold holding the cell phone that he uses to hear and capture the voices he hears. “I communicate with invisible entities daily,” Arnold stated in his submission to the Paranormal Challenge, run by the Center for Inquiry Investigations Group.

“One hundred percent of the people we’ve tested completely believe in their own ability.”

Gary Arnold holds a rock with a fossilized fern imprint in a park in Elkton, MD.

“We need critical thinking more than ever at the moment. We may be on the verge of an effective vaccine for Covid, but there are so many people who will refuse to take it because of all this misinformation.”

Journalist with words at Time, Quartz, and elsewhere. Author of Ghosts in the Forest, a Kindle Single.

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