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Don’t Miss Index, Medium’s New Publication About Work

OneZero readers know it well: The very concept of “work” is changing thanks to colossal technological shifts that have only accelerated as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote positions, precarious gig jobs, and side hustles are now cornerstones of our new economy.

Which is why Medium is launching Index, a new publication about work.

As Index editor Jean-Luc Bouchard puts it in their welcome letter:

Jobs have increasingly become decentralized, with millions stringing together gig and contract roles as millions more have been thrust into remote work this past year due to forces well beyond their control. There has never been an easier time to pursue entrepreneurial instincts and ambitions, whether it’s launching a startup or monetizing side projects, but these ventures can also be a test of longevity and perseverance and, for some, an uphill battle against gender or racial bias. Entirely new jobs in brand-new fields seem to emerge faster than ever, even as many workplaces, institutions, and industries still struggle or refuse to adapt to meet the economic and social needs of their employees. In short, forging a career and finding meaningful, substantive work are, at best, complicated endeavors.

At Index, we’ll be digging into the most pressing issues surrounding modern work, including identity, representation, and support in the workplace, as well as remote work, the future of work, leadership, work culture, entrepreneurship, work-life tension, and navigating an ever-shifting economic landscape.

Be one of the first people to support the new publication: Head over to Index and smash that Follow button.



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