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Demonopolizing the Internet with Interoperability

How to shift power away from big tech and back to communities and individuals

Midcenutry advertisement for the Hush-A-Phone.

The Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery has just published my editorial, “Competitive Compatibility: Let’s Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Giants,” explaining how interoperability was once an engine for competition and user…




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The data center of tomorrow is made up of heterogeneous accelerators [Part 1]: Bits

Smart cities are neither, 2021 edition

A chart by Rebecca Williams labeled ‘How A Smart City Watches You: Identfying Data Spectrum,’ ranging from ‘Direct Identifiers’ (address, biometric, name) down to ‘Data Not About Anyone’ (weather reports). These are depicted as a pyramid, with less-identifying collection at the bottom layer and more identifying collection at the peak.

Embracing the 4th Digital Transformation

“Virtual Reality” Science-Research, January 2022, Week 4 — summary from PubMed, Europe PMC…

Hologram Technology and Internal Corporate Communications: A Hypothetical Case Study

The MaaS Relationship Between Micromobility and Transit

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Tech platforms’ playbook inevitably produces dumpster-fires

A flaming dumpster emblazoned with a shampoo label reading ‘lather, rinse, repeat,’ superimposed over the menacing red eye of HAL9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Image: Open Food Facts (modified) CC BY-SA 3.0 Hugh D’Andrade/EFF (modified) Cryteria (modified)

To Make Big Tech Better, Make It Smaller

Rail monopolies destroyed the American supply chain

A vintage editorial cartoon depicting a giant squid labeled ‘Railroad Monopoly’ with various things being strangled in its tentacles: a ship, a coach, a farmer and his horses, a miner, a telegraph delivery boy, a winemaker, lumberjacks, a produce farmer, etc. The octopus’s eyes are the bearded faces of two forgotten railbarons.

Occupy the SEC on bank mergers

The Occupy the SEC logo, that is, the SEC’s crest with the word OCCUPIED diagonally superimposed on it in decaying red capital letters.